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Ultimate Mesh Egg Bag w/Egg(D

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Ultimate Mesh Egg Bag (with egg)


Make an egg or small item appear and disappear from inside an empty bag!

The "Egg Bag" is another classic magic routine that you know will add great magic to your act. A very versatile prop that you can  do in parlor situations, close up, and on stage!

You can use this bag and egg to do very funny routines. The basic routine goes like this: Show the bag. They can see that there is nothing inside the bag. You pluck an invisible egg out the air.  ‘I trust you can all see this invisible egg?’ Then throw it high into the air to catch the imaginary egg in the bag. The egg visibly appears as it falls into the bag. You then reach into the bag, pull the egg out, eat it and then make it drop into the bag from any point on your body. (or so it seems!)

Included is a Mesh Egg Bag made from black velvet with gold trim, a realistic plastic egg and instructions are provided.

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